By Account Associate Kailyn Middlemist

The holidays can be stressful no matter what, but during these months of isolation, they’ve become even harder. With the holidays approaching and limited travel possible, many people will experience anxiety and loneliness. Dealing with these emotions can be difficult, and they can disrupt your everyday life, so here are some tips as to how to cope with this unprecedented and uniquely strange holiday season.

Instead of sitting in front of your computer screen with your family or friends, try cooking or baking together over a Zoom call. It gives you an activity to do while also getting you away from a computer (which strains your eyes and can cause headaches), plus you’ll end up with a treat at the end of it!

Take a break from the news cycle. There hasn’t been a slow news day in years, and watching, reading, or listening to the news every minute can be extremely stressful. So stressful, in fact, that the CDC itself has said to be wary of consuming too much news.

Know the facts about COVID-19. If you do travel to see friends and family, remember to get tested and maintain social distancing. This will not only keep you safe but also can help ease your anxiety about the virus.

If you’re starting to feel too overwhelmed, which is somewhere we have all been, try to take deep breaths and focus on the here and now. Try finding something in your house to focus on, whatever that looks like for you. Being present, according to Psychology Today, is an important part of dealing with anxiety.

This holiday season is bound to be unusual, a little lonely, and maybe a little anxiety inducing. But there are ways to keep yourself sane and happy during such turbulent times, and we hope these tips help!

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