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From a recent WTOP article, here are some tips from DMV-area pharmacists:

  • If you engage in pill-splitting to save money, make sure your medications are appropriate for splitting.  Splitting tablets is OK if they are scored down the middle, but splitting extended-release pills and capsules interferes with the coating.
  • Drinking plenty of water when taking pills to make sure they go all the way down.
  • Getting prescriptions filled by the same pharmacy network, if possible, so pharmacists can track what you take to help avoid inappropriate doses or bad drug interactions.
  • Avoid taking even over-the-counter drugs if they’re expired. It’s bad enough that they might not work to alleviate your symptoms, but if they’re expired antibiotics, an infection might progress enough to land you in the hospital.
  • Disposing of old medicine. Localities host drug take-back days periodically, but you can do it yourself with this advice: Don’t crush the medicine — mix it with something unpalatable such as dirt, kitty litter, or used coffee grounds in a bag or container, then throw it out. Also, make sure to scratch any personal information off the prescription bottle.


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