The average low temperature on a Maryland January day is 29 degrees Fahrenheit. As the weather gets colder, Potomac Companies is coordinating with Interfaith Works to hold a coat drive. Interfaith Works is a local organization providing integrated prevention, stabilization, and empowerment programs to help Montgomery County residents lift themselves out of poverty.

With the onset of colder weather, it is imperative to consider the homeless, and their lack of access to warm shelter. A gesture as simple as donating a used coat will radiate warmth for the homeless population in the area. With no place to call home, and no coat to provide warmth, the homeless population needs the assistance and generosity of volunteers to make this winter bearable, and organizations such as the Interfaith Works, to bring them out of poverty and into safe shelters. We challenge our surrounding community to hold coat and supply drives with organizations such as Interfaith Works, to better the safety and health of the homeless population this winter. Together, we are capable of providing warmth to those who need it most.


Learn more about Interfaith Works: http://www.iworksmc.org/

Learn more about community service as a wellness activity here.

This post and project was created by Summer 2018 intern Peter Pietri as part of Potomac's HEALTHe Initiatives™.



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