Employees Remain Unsatisfied with Open Enrollment



Don’t frustrate your employees during open enrollment with:

  1. Constant plan changes
    • Sometimes a plan change is needed. However, jumping from carrier to carrier and annually switching plan offerings isn’t a long-term solution to rising healthcare costs.
  2. Confusing benefits information
    • HR and brokers understand health and other forms of insurance, but are open enrollment presentations tailored for people who don’t work in benefits? A commonsense approach, with plenty of educational meetings and time for questions, will help foster employee understanding.
  3. Rushing the benefits selection process
    • Schedule at least a month for open enrollment. Employees will want to discuss their benefits options with their families.  They need time to digest all this unfamiliar, unusual information so they can ask their questions before the plan begins.

Through a concerted, well-planned effort, open enrollment can be an opportunity to connect with employees about benefits and help them become informed insurance consumers.

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