The High Price of Healthcare Illiteracy

According to a recent Aflac survey, more than half of employees say they don’t understand their health insurance policies, and two-thirds of respondents somewhat agreed they would be unable to adjust to the large financial costs of serious illness or injury.  While insurance can’t predict the future, having adequate insurance and knowing how to use it can protect employees and their families from some uncertainty.



Photo: Mari Helin-Tuominen

The Potomac team prides itself on our benefits education strategies.

Potomac is committed to the education and communication of our clients’ selected programs to employees at open enrollment and throughout the year. We offer continuous educational opportunities throughout the plan year, including: face-to-face lunch & learns, recorded Brainshark sessions (recorded PowerPoint and Prezi presentations with reporting capabilities to monitor employee engagement), and live WebEx sessions, which are recorded and disseminated to employees.

Potomac provides custom benefit summaries, benefit statements (total compensation statements), open enrollment materials, and employee education materials for clients. The open enrollment process and communication plan are discussed during the strategic planning, market analysis, and decision renewal phases.  Appropriate materials are prepared promptly and employee meetings are scheduled well in advance.

We monitor the effectiveness of employee communications through employee satisfaction surveys, employee meetings, and strategic discussions with the client’s management and HR teams. Based on responses, the messaging and strategic communication plan can be adjusted to ensure employee understanding and satisfaction.

Potomac team members are subject matter experts (SMEs) on PPACA. We educate and advise on all aspects of the ACA (and now American Health Care Act, AHCA), drawing upon our knowledge and experience, as well as our legal counsel, Marathas Barrow Weatherhead Lent LLP. We educate in-person, and also provide a continuous flow of compliance alerts, newsletters, white papers, and webinars from our legal counsel via the ProSential Group.

Clients also have access to our Client Resource Center (CRC) at no additional cost. The CRC is an HR content portal developed by the ProSential Group, of which Potomac is one of only two local representatives and an affiliate. As a local affiliate, we deliver an extensive set of integrated HR and benefits related products and services to our customers.

The CRC provides the human resources team with direct access to:

According to the same Aflac survey, 42% of employees may be missing out on savings of up to $750 each year due benefits selection mistakes.  These mistakes are preventable, with education about the advantages and disadvantages of certain plans for certain people.  Potomac provides custom sessions to educate employees on the wellness features of their insurance plans, in addition to HSA usage, consumerism, and prescription management.

Potomac upholds its mission of “helping employers reduce the future cost of health care®” through its education programs.

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