Why Does the US Spend So Much More Than Other Nations on Health Care?

Answer: “It’s the prices, stupid,” which is the title of a 2003 paper in Health Affairs by Princeton University health economist Uwe Reinhardt.  This 2003 study found that “people in the United States typically use about the same amount of health care as people in other wealthy countries do, but pay a lot more for it.” From 1996-2013, American personal... Read More

2018 Projections for Large Employer Health Costs

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Large Employer Health Costs May Rise 4.5% in 2018: Aon Aon analyzed health benefits data from 450 of their largest clients (10 million people) to determine:Large US employers experienced a 3.9% increase in health benefits costs this year (average $11,934)In 2016, this average increased 3.1%In 2018, this average increase is projected to be 4.5%Employer costs rose 3.9% (average $9,371 per employee)Employee’s... Read More