And a Side Order of Health and Wellness?

  Since 2014, some restaurants in cities across the country have been adding a surcharge to patrons' bills: a healthcare or health and wellness charge.  Restaurants in Los Angeles in 2014 began adding a 3% healthcare surcharge, to draw patrons' attention to the rising costs of employee healthcare.  Unfortunately, not all monies in San Francisco were making it to employees'... Read More

Eat Local! July in Maryland and Virginia

Have you visited your local farmers’ market?  There are over 174 to visit!  Going to the farmers’ market makes it easy to find what’s locally produced and in-season. Why buy local food?  The Michigan State University Extension offers these reasons: Locally grown food is full of flavor. When grown locally, the crops are picked at their peak of ripeness versus being... Read More

What’s Cooking in Maryland in May?

By Passmore, Deborah Griscom, 1840-1911 -, Public Domain,
Related to the other May Wellness Blog post, I looked up what crops are available in Maryland in May, June, and July:   CALENDAR OF MARYLAND HARVESTS   Feb. 7-21 maple sap (sugar, syrup) April 25-June 15 asparagus May spinach May 15-June 20 strawberries Strawberries at Baltimore Farmers’ Market, Holliday St. & Saratoga St., Baltimore, Maryland, May 2007. Photo by... Read More