Crossing the Border for Drug Savings? 1 in 4 Adults Say It Is Difficult to Afford Their Prescription Drugs

Just like my last post about Medicare-for-all and utilization costs…   Foreign travel is an approach one advisor used to control costs for a self-funded client, securing a 6-month supply of medication for a fraction of the cost in the US.  Why are Democrats pushing Medicare-for-All when citizens can source prescription drugs for 70% less in other countries?  We are... Read More

What Pharmacists Want You to Know about Your Prescription Medications

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From a recent WTOP article, here are some tips from DMV-area pharmacists: If you engage in pill-splitting to save money, make sure your medications are appropriate for splitting.  Splitting tablets is OK if they are scored down the middle, but splitting extended-release pills and capsules interferes with the coating. Drinking plenty of water when taking pills to make sure they go... Read More