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How are you doing with your New Year’s Resolutions? Did you set practical, achievable ones for this year, or make new milestones for your two, or five, or ten-year plan?
By and large, people tend to make resolutions in September, when kids go back to school and life picks up again after the summer slowdown, and of course in January, after the craziness of the December holidays. What makes a resolution achievable?

1) Know your “why”

A goal to “be more active in 2015” sounds inspiring, however a goal to “be more active so I can get healthy and have energy to play with my kids” is even better. One of the components of the SMART goal criteria we all know and love from work is to make them specific. And more importantly, having a reason why you’re endeavoring to change your ways will make you more likely to stick to your goal. Lack of motivation is often the reason people give up on their goals. For wellness goals in particular, looking within yourself and figuring out your motivation to change will make you more likely to stick with the process you design to make that change. Take five minutes to brainstorm the reasons why you want to achieve your goals in 2015.

2) Schedule it into your life

Again, another component of SMART goals, is making the goal timely. When are you going to exercise 3-4 times a week? When are you going to remember to take five minutes and stretch during the day? When are you going to eat that extra serving of greens a day? Set reminders on your paper or digital calendar. Put up notes where you will see them (try changing your smartphone’s desktop background) to remind yourself what you want to do and when.


If you’re struggling to with your 2015 resolutions, consider “why” and “when” you’re attempting to achieve your goals. While the type of change most resolutions elicit doesn’t happen overnight, adjusting your motivation and timing can help you persevere in achieving that change. And remember, just because you’ve gotten off track from your January resolutions doesn’t mean you can’t pick them back up again by Tax Day!

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