Stevie Patton is a beneficiary of DC Coalition for the Homeless’ (CFH) services.  Starting as a transitional resident, Stevie got a position with an electrical contractor, went to school at nights, and now owns an electrical contractor business.  Through his own fortitude and with the help of CFH, he created his own success.

After completing a prison sentence, Stevie was released to Webster House.  The Webster House is a temporary housing program for up to 12 men that provides supportive social services. All he had was himself and his motivation.  CFH gave him a place to rest his head and a foundation from which to launch his life.  Part of that foundation was following the rules—cleaning up, returning home timely—and the resources CFH provided: finding food, clothing, and jobs.  Stevie landed a job with an electrical company as a laborer.  He learned how to start saving his money through the Coalition’s Escrow Program.  Every week, he would get paid, put $11 in his pocket, get a transit pass, and give the rest to the Coalition to place in his escrow account.  In addition to shelter, CFH provided food, with caterers coming every week to feed Webster House residents.

For Stevie, Webster House felt like a real chance at a fresh start, especially since the house is in a clean area, with no drugs or drama on its doorstep.  Every Sunday, he would go to the support meetings provided by staff, who knew what was on his mind and encouraged him on his journey.

The biggest contribution an organization can make to CFH is to help keep their shelters open.  Having a safe, clean place from which to make a new start made a world of difference in Stevie’s life, and in the lives of others CFH serves.  For people experiencing homelessness, having a (literal) stable foundation under their feet can be the key to creating a better physical, mental, and financial foundation for their future.

Michael Ferrell, Executive Director of CFH, is a great friend and one of my clients.  This story is what they are all about: positively changing lives.  Kudos to Stevie for taking CFH’s support and running with it.  Kudos to CFH and Michael Ferrell for creating an environment for entrepreneurship and kindness to grow.

The 7th Annual STEPPING OUT FOR THE HOMELESS® Gala is on Friday, October 25th, 2019.  I urge you all to check it out, be kind, donate, get involved, and/or attend the event.  We do both: donate and get involved.  This is a great organization, both feeding people fish and teaching them how to fish.

Get involved or be a guest at my table…with my endless supply of seats ????.  Send me a message to join me.


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