We are a full-service employee benefits brokerage and consulting firm



Our core principles, products, and services are essential to optimizing our clients’ benefit programs and their administrative efficiency while minimizing costs.

We offer clients an extensive portfolio of customized consulting and planning services, integrated human resources benefit technology, and top level customer service.


Potomac Companies services include:



Employee Benefit Brokerage and Consulting

We have extensive knowledge of, and close relationships with, all top-rated insurance vendors servicing the local and national markets.


Client and Employee Advocacy

We have extensive experience in successfully advocating on behalf of clients’ employees and their dependents.



Cover Your Assets Compliance™

We offer our Cover Your Assets Compliance™ toolkit, powered by the Compliancedashboard® platform, to ensure your benefits plan compliance with applicable regulations.

Human Resources Support and Technology

We offer HR support and HCM technology consulting and best practices.

Executive Medical Reimbursement

BeniComp Select Executive Medical Reimbursement protects key employees from out-of-pocket health care expenses not covered by most companies’ regular benefits programs.

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