According to a recent article in BOSS Magazine

The top five new health and well-being trends to watch in 2018:

  • Financial well-being
  • The mental health day
  • You are what you eat
  • Re-thinking work environments
  • A wearable tech boom

In fact, according to a recent Fitbit report, 35 percent of America’s Healthiest Employers already use wearable tech in their wellness programs, seeing a return on investment of $2 to $3 for every dollar spent.

Businesses will continue to enhance wellness programs in 2018, but more efforts will take place to capitalize on the further possible benefits of this wearables boom. This goes way beyond step count. Stress levels, sleep patterns, vital health signs like blood pressure and respiration will also start to become a key focus. [emphasis added]

These more in-depth insights will allow employers to predict and respond to indications of health risks in advance. They’ll then be able to take the steps needed to prevent them from becoming a bigger problem, resulting in costly health insurance claims and long-term absences.


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