We are Jane and Alan Luba, and we are reaching out to you today to remind you that we are your HR team at Potomac Companies. In November, you received a letter from Potomac’s CEO, Joe Appelbaum, announcing the transition to us providing HR services to you. We wanted to follow up with each of you personally to remind you what we bring to Potomac and to you, its valued clients. We have worked with several of Potomac’s clients over the past seven months and look forward to working with even more of you as we move forward. By way of background, together we bring more than 60 years of SPHR-certified HR experience, spanning multiple industries, disciplines, and projects.

In our role as Potomac’s HR service provider arm, we are here as an expert resource to assist you with human resources-related questions (benefits, employee performance, recruiting, performance/evaluation, compliance, etc.), such as:

  • When to pay an employee overtime,
  • Determine if a staff member is exempt (FLSA status),
  • How to conduct an employee termination,
  • How to legally obtain necessary information to support a hire/no hire decision,
  • Employee relations guidance,
  • Human resources and employment law research,
  • Employee communications strategy and material development,
  • Employee satisfaction surveys,
  • And so much more!


The following projects are also in the scope of our services for reduced fees:

  • Compensation analysis/benchmarking
  • Affirmative action plan
  • HR audit/diagnostic review
  • Organizational assessment
  • Staffing strategies
  • M&A due diligence

We pride ourselves on our reputation for responsiveness to ensure your phone calls and emails are returned immediately if possible, but definitely within the same day. Please do not hesitate to use us for any HR-related needs. We are here for you and look forward to working with you.

Please find our contact information below.

Jane and Alan Luba

Jane Luba
703-631-5082 (Direct)
703-589-2522 (Cell)
703-502-7904 (Fax)

Alan Luba
703-631-5082 (Direct)
703-937-7837 (Cell)
703-502-7904 (Fax)

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