Moving is a topic near and dear to me, as that’s what I’ve been doing the past two months!  Here are my tips to stay sane and healthy during a move, so you can return to work not too burned out after moving house.  These tips generally apply if you’re staying with your same employer.

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Does stress make you go eeeek!?  Call your EAP (Employee Assistance Program):  Do you know who to call?  Ask your HR team for your employer’s EAP number, whether it’s a standalone service or part of your disability insurance policy.  EAPs provide free and discounted counseling, legal, and other services which may come in handy when moving.


“If I go crazy, will you still call me Superman?”  Maybe not.  Ask for help!  Friends, neighbors, family: for the cost of pizza for everyone, more people make the work go faster.


Practice safe lifting:   Remember, if you can’t get a good grip on a box or piece of furniture, you should figure out another way to lift it.


Meal prep: If you make everything ahead of time, you’ll not only keep your waistline and budget on track, you’ll have less cleanup during the week.  One less thing to clean is always a win when moving.  Check out Family Circle and Daily Burn for ideas.


Are you covered?  Check on your insurance.  Some moves may be a “qualifying event” in terms of affecting your existing coverage or allowing you to elect different coverage.  Ask HR and your broker.


Schedule: You know when your old lease officially ends (12 noon or midnight?) and your new lease or home ownership officially begins.  You know when the movers are arriving or you’re picking up the U-Haul.  Do you know when you’re going to exercise, eat, or sleep?  No?  Put those on your schedule, too.  Lack of sleep affects performance in all kinds of ways.  Do yourself and everyone around you a favor, and sleep.  Exercise?  Isn’t lifting boxes and cleaning enough?  It could be, but try this:  challenge yourself to a short workout series, such as FitnessBlender‘s Five Day Challenge for Busy People.  You’ll get in a guaranteed calorie burn in a short amount of time (30 minutes) with an easy YouTube playlist to follow.


Downtime: What’s that?  Schedule in a moment to yourself, whether it’s stopping to visit a touristy site on the way from old home to new home, or listening to a great audiobook while cleaning house, build in a little recharge time during the process.  Get some ideas here.


You will have a less crispy burnout after moving if you can make it a measured, well-fueled process, instead of a complete drain on your energy.

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