As many of you know, I have a passion for changing healthcare.   It's why I became an investor in and Head of Business Development for Grektek and everbeat.  Please read on for more detail about everbeat's successful pilot with Innovation Health.

Engage with me to learn more about everbeat and its ability to change lives through remote patient monitoring.

Over two years ago, Greg Eoyang, Grektek’s CTO, worked tirelessly to get a pilot program with Innovation Health started. We didn’t yet have FDA clearance on the watch. Management at Innovation Health had lots of issues and concerns about how a pilot would work. Lots of bureaucracy, procedure writing, and contracts dragged on endlessly.  

Still, Greg was persistent. He knew that everbeat could make a difference even before we had everything working perfectly.  His efforts have paid off. See the press release below highlighting how everbeat software helped saved hospitalizations and ER visits.  

One of the most important differentiators for us is our willingness to work tirelessly to create processes and systems that work for both the patient AND the doctors. That’s a natural consequence of our company being founded by doctors.

Hopefully, the right people pick up this release and reach out to engage with us. This proves our ability to deliver value to the health care system.  

Thanks to Greg for his tremendous persistence in seeing this project through to this important milestone.

--John McCauley, CEO, Grektek

Read the press release here.

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