There’s new research on how you should spend your money on medications and on products to help quit tobacco.

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The “Yelp of medicine” (TIME Magazine), a website called Iodine, recently showed through consumer data that patient satisfaction is about the same between generic and brand-name medicines.  One of the easiest ways to save money on prescriptions is to choose generics (since most prescription plans cover generics at greatly reduced costs or sometimes in full).  With real consumers rating their experience with medications, anti-depressants and cholesterol-lowering drugs were shown on Iodine to have the most similarities in consumer satisfaction between generics and brand name drugs.  The doctors interviewed in the NPR article on these observations about consumer satisfaction all cautioned that patients should consult with their physician about their options and what medications are best to treat their conditions.

Smokeless Tobacco

A recent Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study reported that “compared to cigarette smokers, users of smokeless tobacco are exposed to equal or higher levels of nicotine and NNK, a cancer-causing chemical in tobacco products.”  The study was design to found that exclusive smokeless tobacco users had higher serum concentrations of cotinine and other tobacco-related chemicals than exclusive cigarette smokers.  These findings support the use of patches and gums to help people quit using tobacco instead of switching from cigarettes to smokeless tobacco.  Read more about the harmful effects of tobacco and resources to quit on


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