People are jumping on and off the “Medicare for All” bandwagon.  Bernie Sanders uses pieces parts rhetoric to get people in a frenzy.  No Bernie, 50 million people weren’t without insurance.

When an employer offering health insurance changes plans, the employees are NOT without insurance.  No Bernie, the employee who leaves their insurance coverage at their former employer (whether voluntary or involuntary separation) has the ability to take it with them.  No Bernie, Medicare for All is not a viable solution, but rather a salient approach to healthcare coverage is.  You, former Speaker Ryan, and current Speaker Pelosi do not want to hear from experts in the field with honest and forthright ideas—ideas which could cut the current $3.5 trillion healthcare spend in half.  These honest and forthright ideas could improve Americans’ health, reduce and eliminate the deficit, and make us more productive, stronger, and less dependent on watching politicians yell and scream at each other.

You Bernie, were on a plane with me and your aide took my card, but you didn’t want to engage.  Former Speaker Ryan never answered my emails, and when I was in Speaker Pelosi’s office and gave my card to her aide, nothing happened.  Why?  None of you really care.  You care to take an idea and run with it, regardless of cost, impact, and common sense.  That’s because you’re a Socialist—not a Democrat or Republican.


Good luck in the debates, but you will not win.


This is an open letter to those on the right and left.  Want to know how to cut the “shiitakes” out of healthcare?  Speak to someone who knows.


By the way Bernie, you want Medicare for All?  I believe in healthcare for all—US citizens.  Take this anecdote: an 81-year-old man was in the hospital for 2 days.  His internist was doing rounds and visited him for 7 minutes, ensuring he was doing OK.  Then the internist left.  That second-level medical drop-in should have had a value of ~$100-150.  The doctor, in his infinite wisdom, charged Medicare $15,121.  Medicare, in its infinite wisdom, set the reimbursement at $2,564.31, and then paid the internist 80% or $2,041.45.  Then, UnitedHealthcare, under the patient’s AARP plan, paid the very smart doctor the remaining 20% or $512.86.  Wow, that’s $366.33 per minute!  If the doctor only worked a 40-hour workweek, $366.33/minute equates to $879,192/week or $45,717,984/year.  Anyone want his job?!


I suggest those of you wanting Medicare for All, should realize the system of Medicare—sponsored by the government, run by the government—is not exactly a good deal for the American public.  Though it is a phenomenal deal for the doctors who understand how to manipulate the system!


Government is WAY TOO BIG.  Let’s not make it bigger with more controls over our lives.  Let’s clean up what we have and begin to SIMPLIFY, not create more of a MESS.



Emmarie Huetteman, Kaiser Health News, “Do 50 Million People Really Lose Health Insurance Because of Their Jobs?” BenefitsPro, 17 September 2019,

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