Tutorial for CYAC Plugin
Creating User

  1. Create a new user using the Users feature in the administration panel.
  2. Select “Subscriber” for the role
    (When creating a new user they will be sent an email with their credentials)


Creating Files

  1. Activate CYAC PDF Uploader plugin you will see the below icon appear in the admin menu.
  2. Upload the files as you would any media file.
  3. Remember to Deactivate the plugin.



Creating Accounts

  1. Select “CYAC” click “Add New”
  2. Title of the account (usually the company name is enough).
  3. Select the user that will be assign to the account.
    (There is a feature that will search the existing account title, compare that to the list of users, if there is a match then that will remove the user name from the list of users “Select from the list of users …”. This is helpful when there are several users you will need to assign to CYAC accounts).
  4. Select the PDF by check the PDF title listed in “Selected PDFs”.
  5. Click “Publish” to save.


Editing Accounts

  1. Select “CYAC”.
  2. Select the account you want to edit, open and make the changes, select “Publish” to save the changes.



The view the account

  1. Log out.
  2. Go To https://potomacco.com/cover_your_assets_compliance/ login with the account’s credentials.