Potomac will help you understand the regulations governing your benefits plans.  Since we believe in keeping things simple, we want to provide you with the most-up-to-date materials, tailored to your organization, directly from the experts.


Each year, the Department of Labor's Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) recovers billions of dollars of plan assets gone wrong and indicts over 100 individuals for criminal offenses related to benefits plans.


Benefits plan compliance is no joke. Potomac can help.

Content: Access to up-to-date and accurate compliance content to guide and support an organization managing people risks.

Technology: Critical deployment technologies to get content into the hands of the right people and create a great user experience.

Live Advisors: Expertise and guidance that HR and business leaders need when content and technology just won’t solve a difficult situation.


This program is included in the Potomac Experience, as part of our KISS - Keep It Simple Solution™.

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