Guernsey Office Products is an independently owned and operated provider of office products, furniture, break room products, promotional products, and related services. Since 1986, Potomac Companies has worked with Guernsey Office Products to provide creative employee benefit services.

“Potomac Companies has been a true partner over the years and has consistently provided us with strategic health care options for our employees,” says David Guernsey, President and CEO of Guernsey Office Products. They think outside the box and present us with new ways to save money and improve our benefit offerings. Joseph Appelbaum and his team take the time to work through multiple scenarios with us and to ensure we fully understand each option and the market landscape. They provide quick and knowledgeable responses that have the best interest of our company at heart.”  Guernsey goes on to say, “Potomac Companies has extensive expertise in the industry and I am always confident in their work. I look forward to continuing our partnership for years to come.”

David Guernsey, Chief Executive Officer, Guernsey Office Products