Aristotle International is a Washington, DC-based technology company specializing in software for advocacy groups and political campaigns. Potomac Companies has worked with Aristotle for many years providing employee benefit options. Kim Ulrey, a Product Manager for Aristotle, has had a very personal experience working with Potomac Companies.

“As the mother of a special needs child, affordable health care is essential to my family. In 2012, I was informed that the life-saving medication my daughter needs would increase in cost to nearly $30,000 per month,” says Ulrey. “Joe and the team at Potomac Companies stepped in, and through countless hours of research and phone calls, they were able to get my daughters medication covered by Medicaid.” Ulrey goes on to say, “To the average consumer, how health care really works is a mystery. Potomac Companies has provided me with invaluable education and has gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure my daughter receives the medication she needs to survive.”

Kim Ulrey, Product Manager, Aristotle International