Proinflammatory Dietary Pattern Linked to Higher CV Risk

It’s not about ObamaCare, Medicare for All, or anything else…it’s simple: KISS -Keep It Simple Solution.™ Eat correctly, destress, live healthier, live longer, and LOWER THE COST OF TREATMENTS. Why? Because you prevented disease and illness in the first place. Check out this article on Medscape about the correct anti-inflammatory diet as prevention, not treatment: Proinflammatory Dietary Pattern Linked to... Read More

Ineffective COVID-19 Testing and Containment

I am a healthy 58-year-old male.  On Saturday, July 11, 2020, my wife and I were on a return flight from Florida after a one-week trip.  During the flight, I experienced a scratchy throat and cough. Upon return, I immediately called my internist and went for testing.  On the morning of Monday, July 13, the provider performed a quick strep... Read More