Since 2014, some restaurants in cities across the country have been adding a surcharge to patrons' bills: a healthcare or health and wellness chargeRestaurants in Los Angeles in 2014 began adding a 3% healthcare surcharge, to draw patrons' attention to the rising costs of employee healthcare.  Unfortunately, not all monies in San Francisco were making it to employees' healthcare; a 2013 investigation concluded $2 million collected for the surcharge had gone missing.  This surcharge became recent news when a restaurant group in Minnesota added the charge.  Restaurateur Kim Bartmann said,

I have been subsidizing health insurance since 1993, covering 100% of their health insurance, but due to rising costs I’m now covering 70% thanks in part to this charge. [...] A lot of small businesses don’t think they can afford [health insurance], and I know not every industry can get away with a 3% charge like this, but for us, this little 3% really does cover most of it.

What do you think?  Should employee health insurance be itemized on your dining receipt?

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